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Why Every Violinist Needs a Little Playtime

September 6th, 2023 by Katherine Moller

Grab your instrument, and let the music take you wherever it pleases, without the weight of judgement or objectives. It’s like musical freedom for the soul, a reminder of the pure, unadulterated joy that music brings to our lives.

This past week, one of my adult students, who has been playing fiddle for a few years now, told me that she feels frustrated because whenever she tries to go faster everything kind of falls apart. I think that all of my adult students relate to this frustration. Let’s start with the bad news: playing […]

Do you ever feel like just not being bothered getting your fiddle out? Trust me, we have all been there! Recently I was talking to one of my classes about ways to keep your motivation up! One approach to consider is playing music with others. It is much harder to get your violin out and […]

I Love My Metronome and You Should Too

May 8th, 2023 by Katherine Moller

If you have come to my classes or been around for a while, you already know that I love my metronome! What you might not know are the many reasons why I’m so dedicated to using one. We all vary our speeds without realizing it. Practicing with my metronomes keeps me honest! We all like […]

Why You Need to Know Your Goals

March 15th, 2023 by Katherine Moller

A few weeks ago I posted about how I am only practicing 15 minutes a day at the moment. I wanted to talk about that a little bit more. When I decide what kind of practice session I am going to do, I need to know what my goals are. In January, my goal was to work […]

How Long Should You Practice the Fiddle/Violin?

February 21st, 2023 by Katherine Moller

When I finished my part of the recording in late January I was wondering where to go and what to do next. I am proud to say that I have practiced every day in 2023, and I thought I would share with you how I’ve been practicing. Right now I am mostly focused on maintaining my […]

3 Ways to Record an Album

January 27th, 2023 by Katherine Moller

I am going back to the studio this coming weekend to record my final fiddle tracks for my next album, so I thought I might share with you how this whole process works. There are a couple of different ways to record. Here are three ways I have recorded my albums in the past: Live […]

Learning Music isn’t a Linear Process

January 2nd, 2023 by Katherine Moller

Happy new year! Are you the kind of person who makes resolutions at the beginning of the year? Do you like to set goals? I love revisiting last year and figuring out where I want to go this year! With this thought of starting over, I wanted to talk about an e-mail that I get […]

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''Celtic fiddle with a classical twist:
the heart and soul of a fiddler, the artistry and finesse of a classical violinist.''