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Home Sweet Home – My Residency with the FAA

July 21st, 2014 by Katherine Moller

This is my fifth year of participating in the Fredericton Arts Alliance residency programme. For a whole week I get to spend 7 hours a day in the Casemates in Barracks Square in downtown Fredericton. This is an amazing experience for artists! The Fredericton Arts Alliance manages to secure funding to give two artists a […]

Calm After the Storm: Post Post-Tropical Storm Arthur

July 14th, 2014 by Katherine Moller

Post-tropical storm Arthur stopped by last week for a visit and knocked the power in my hometown of Fredericton, NB out for over a week.  My husband and I went for just over 6 days without power, but there are still some people without power 11 days later.  These people are the exception as NB […]

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''Celtic fiddle with a classical twist:
the heart and soul of a fiddler, the artistry and finesse of a classical violinist.''