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Archive for April, 2014

I celebrated my birthday over Easter weekend, and realized that it was a year ago that I launched the Legacy Project, recording “Greenseleeves & Puddin’ Pies”, a CD of Christmas/seasonal music in memory of my father, Richard Riding. What a year it has been! It seemed like a good idea when I came up with […]

Tips & Tricks: Fun With Scales, Part I

April 15th, 2014 by Katherine Moller

Fun with scales? Did I say fun? Ok, so, perhaps my idea of fun is a little twisted, but I do actually enjoy playing scales, and have several different ways that I practice them to keep the exercise new and exciting. Today we are starting with my current favourite method of practicing scales. I see […]

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''Celtic fiddle with a classical twist:
the heart and soul of a fiddler, the artistry and finesse of a classical violinist.''