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Archive for November, 2015

This past Friday, my new band Atlantis was in the recording studio laying down some tracks. We had a great day and got a lot done. 1. Be prepared for varying temperatures. This past weekend I needed a sweater in the studio, but I have also recorded when it was really hot. Layers are your […]

Tips & Tricks: How to Prep for the Recording Studio

November 9th, 2015 by Katherine Moller

So I am preparing to go the studio again next week. This time I will be recording pop covers on the cello. Kind of wild! This is not something I had imagined doing, but it will be fun! I have been in the studio numerous times to record my own four CDs, tracks for three […]

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''Celtic fiddle with a classical twist:
the heart and soul of a fiddler, the artistry and finesse of a classical violinist.''